Social Media Monitoring with Hootsuite


Have you been trying to improve your social media presence? How about connect with your customers online? Well if so then you’re in luck! Today’s post is about social media monitoring and how you can use it to benefit your company.

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is the process of tracking not only your social media accounts and interactions online but also what is being said about you. It’s essentially using a tool to listen in on what other people are saying about you online in traditional media and across all different social media platforms. This can also be called Online Analytics, Buzz Analytics, Social Listening, Social Media Management amongst many other names.

What’s it good for?
This type of online monitoring, where tools continuously scan through websites is good for several different purposes:
Interacting with customers via social media on relevant streams and accounts
Ensuring response to customer feedback
Tracking keywords to look for opportunities to enter new or expand current market

Different companies implement their findings in different ways to fit their own needs.

What is Hootsuite?

There are plenty of online tools to help with social media monitoring, from Hootsuite which is a tool that is primarily helpful for manual managing of accounts to SASS which uses it’s own analytics to notify you when someone has mentioned you in a way that you may need to respond or has other relevance. Hootsuite is a really great tool for getting your monitoring off the ground.

Hootsuite is a platform that allows you to manage several different accounts all from the same home page. It is often used by people that manage more than one company’s online presence. You can set up tabs along the top for the different company pages that you manage. Then within those tabs you can set up a subset of tabs for different social media accounts, tags, and streams that you’re interesting in tracking.

Some ways that this can be used would be:
If you managed the social media accounts for Pancheros and Chipotle you could view each of their mentions separately, but from the same log-in
If you managed the accounts of a local restaurant like Atlas World Grill you could track the mentions of both your restaurant name and location tags, but also keywords like “Buffalo Burrito”

Real Life Example

To help put this into perspective and provide you with a stronger example of the usefulness of social media monitoring I will elaborate using University of Iowa admissions as an example. Here are some ways that they can implement social media monitoring:
They could use monitoring to track keywords like “high school graduation” on twitter or Facebook to find what people are posting about graduating so that they can target them as potential students
They could use monitoring to set up and hashtag like “#joinUI” so that people could post about their experiences during college visits or ask questions that arise during the process of choosing a school
They could use monitoring to track what is being said about other schools that are in the area or that are highly competitive so they can get ideas for areas that they can improve to attract more students


Hopefully this post was helpful in your understand of the uses and implementation of social media monitoring using Hootsuite and can be assistive to you in deciding if it’s something worth pursuing for your company/brand. Getting your own monitoring off the ground is easier than you think with the right tools and one of the best things about Hootsuite is how user-friendly it is from the moment you set it up.


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